On Sunday September 23rd, Mario Invernizzi and is crew, left Montecarlo on board an FB Design 48 STAB equipped with two FPT Industrial engines of 650 hp each and a pair of Eliche Radice surface propellers, and they reached Venice after 22 hours 13 minutes and 17 seconds, setting the new record for this special distance.

The new record was reached keeping the speed average of 51,3 knots and improving on the previous one by 1 hour and 42 seconds.

The exceptional result of this already special challenge, is that the fuelconsumption was reduced by 50% sailing with a standard series boat and two standard engines and propellers specially calculated for this event.

The Eliche Radice surface propellers which were used for this record are normally used for fast patrol vessels, rescue and research vessel and obviously for pleasure boats.

For such particular operating situations these propellers must be able to guarntee very high speeds, up to 70 knots, and at the same time such a high resistance as to avoid possible blade breakage. Bearing this in mind, at the moment when the propeller dimensions are calculated, the stress and flexion resistances are carefully checked by a special software developed by the Eliche Radice technical department.

During the casting process, special controls at every stage assure that there are no casting defects. The propeller dimensional conformity to the Class “S” tolerances is required for such a high level of performance and it is guaranteed by the CNC workmanship of the propeller blades.