Lenght to get the best result from a given rudder surface and from the applied torque, one must study the rudder shape both in perspective and in section.

Our standard production, which includes a wide complete range of rudder types, has been studied and tested from this point of view and is particularly suitable for vessels either with V-shaped and flat keels, for speed up to 50 knots.

The mounting can e carried out both under the vessel and on the transom, either flat and inclined.

A particular and accurate design allows their easy and quick mounting on vessels, without stripping them out completely, but just taking the lever away. Moreover, rudder types intended for mounting on the transom only need a small crack to allow the lever passage, that does not need to be stripped out. Our rudders sizing is approved by RINA according with pleasure crafs rules, and they are qualified for installation on boats with CE omologation.

Suitable systems of water seal assure a long term and safe working life without maintenance.

The careful material choice, then, enable our rudders to bear the different pressure intensities to which they are subjected during sharp tacks.

To manufacturing our rudders range we employ our Mibral and Ot.Man alloys and the special stainless AISI 316 and V174.

MIBRAL: Rm>650 N/mm2 Rp 0.2%>245 N/mm2 A5d>16%

OT.MAN: Rm>510 N/mm2 Rp 0.2%>200 N/mm2 A5d>22%