The main problem in the design phase of a shaft is to confer minimum vibration and enough mechanical strength to ensure the safety of the system in any condition.

The propeller shaft, which is developed in a single dimension, is subject to torsion even at high rpm, and it is here that our company demonstrates its technological potential.

We make shafts on NC lathes that, in the bigger diameters, allow for the best degree of precision.

This translates into a perfect response to design data and the final product delivered to the client. Perfectly aligned shafts are an indispensable condition for a low level of vibration and the longevity of the installation.

Our production of propeller shafts includes a range from 25 to 205 mm diameter and over 7 m in length. We use AISI 304, AISI 316, V174, and MARINOX 25 stainless steel.