Do you know which is the most suitable propeller for your boat? Even if it is not correct saying, as too often happens, that the boat performance depends on the propeller only, it is obvious that the “right” propeller is fundamental to get good propulsion.

Each boat differs from the others, depending on several factors, that is boat and engine characteristics, use for which the boat is intended (fishing, racing, pleasure, transport of passenger, etc.).

In order to design and/or sizing a propeller correctly is necessary to know the plan of the vessel, the details of the engine and shafting. If those data are unavailable, we have some forms to fill in with all the information useful to calculate the right propeller. FORM 1 is intended for fishing boats, tug boats and  sailing boats; FORM 2 is for planning hulls (with one or two engines), FORM 3 for boat with surface drive systems, FORM 4 for planning catamaran and  FORM 5 for displacement catamaran.